Spring 2017 - Present

I started this photography series to capture natural female beauty as the models rest, or enjoy their time at home or in their bedrooms. Models would wear minimum or no makeup. There would be no planning before the shoot. I would work with whatever background or props available in the space.

Some of the photos have been published on Vogue Italia PhotoVogue.

If you want to participate, please email me at No experience required. Please include in which area of the city you live, and several photos of yourself. (Because I have limited time for this project, I'll only be able to respond to those who fit my style or live close to me. However, please don’t be discouraged by this. You are still an amazing model!) If you are selected, I will take 2 hours of your time, and photograph you at your actual home. You would have to sign a model release form for me. Thank you!


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