Me At Work

(Photo credit to Hailei Jiang)

(Photo credit to Hailei Jiang)


Fun Facts About Me

  1. My Lunar Zodiac is a rat🐭. Maybe that’s why I can be so sneaky sometimes - videographers often love me because I can always magically avoid blocking their frames!

  2. Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Sherlock (BBC)

  3. Favourite Movies: Inception, Harry Potter, Forrest Gump

  4. I grew up in Beijing, China and immigrated to Canada with my family when I was 15. I speak fluent English and Mandarin, currently trying to learn Cantonese too!

My hamster Mimi 🐹

My hamster Mimi 🐹

5. I have a dwarf hamster adopted from SPCA. I adore anything furry with four legs, such as cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, etc. On the other hand, anything that has more than four legs will scare me to death! If I suddenly start jumping around while we are shooting in a forest or an abandoned building, I probably just saw a spider running around. Please save me first! Then you can laugh at me while we continue on with our session.

6. My life currently revolves around wedding photography, UI/UX design projects, cleaning up for my hamster, and trying to get more exercise💪 with my boyfriend (not in the dirty way).

7. My best friend is my Canadian-born boyfriend who doesn’t mind my Chinese accent and still makes me feel loved every day. (Banner photo was taken by him!)

8. I come from a UI/UX design background, so I’m all about enhancing people’s experiences. I just graduated this spring from Emily Carr University, and I still take contract/part-time design jobs. If you need a designer (to design a website for a restaurant, or an app for an online store), feel free to reach out to me too! Either we can work something out, or I’m happy to refer you to the right person.

My Photography Journey

I first started with surreal portraiture in Victoria, BC. When I moved to Vancouver for university, I fell in love with weddings and immediately started working for local wedding companies. In recent years, I’ve been working for myself - this way, I get to become friends with my couples, understand them and care for them, and therefore create photos that would truly speak to them.

I am super grateful to document one of the most significant moments in people’s life. I truly believe that photographs are unique in a special way. They not only show the love between a couple, but they also reveal the most magical and intimate feelings that simply cannot be represented through other means. Behind all the smiles and laughter, I find it also important to capture the subtleties in one’s feelings. From the tenderness of a gaze to the warmth felt from a gentle kiss, it is often these overlooked elements that truly bring a photo to life.

I love capturing real emotions in a nonintrusive way. I value living in the moment and want everyone to enjoy the moment as it happens. That’s why I always try my best not to block other guests from seeing the couple. I want everyone to enjoy the experience.

My other speciality is fashion editorials. Over the years, I have been published in Vogue Italia PhotoVogue, Lucy's Magazine, Elegant Magazine, etc. You can also find my works sometimes in various fine art exhibitions in my local area. If you are interested, I invite you to look through my editorial works. I often collaborate with local fashion designers and other professionals in the industry.

(Photo credit to Sarah  @Zyer )

(Photo credit to Sarah @Zyer)