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Meet Susan

Nobody is perfect, but everybody is beautiful.

Hi, I’m Susan. I believe boudoir doesn’t have to be nude, but it should be free, independent, and raw. I capture the perfect imperfections and the unspoken words.

I photograph people of all ages, sizes and body types. I pay attention to small details and love enlarging the beauty in everyone and everything. Nobody is perfect, but everybody is beautiful. My photos focus on the natural elegance of female bodies. Every woman is sexy.

Some women came to me to document their youth through photographic narratives. Some treated it like a tattoo or a meditation experience where they could find peace. Others have found it empowering and helped them to build confidence.

(photo credit: 黑瞳)


Kind Words

“Susan made me feel lovely and beautiful during our boudoir session! She had such creative ideas for shooting in my tiny space! I loved how my images turned out and I will treasure them ❤️ book with Susan!”

- Emmie


A rented space at W 12th Ave & Burrard St. in Vancouver. Specific address will be provided at time of booking. Instructions on how to get there will be sent out a week before the session.


How should I prepare for my shoot?

Please don’t do any crash dieting or drastic makeover within a week of the session. The best way to prepare is to stay healthy and get some sleep! You are already beautiful as the way you are. Don’t feel like you have to change anything. :)

what should i wear?

Find something that you feel amazing in! This could be lingerie, a lace dress, robe, sweater, etc. If you have some clothes that you’ve bought for a long time but never got the chance to wear them, this could be your chance too! Check out this Pinterest board for inspirations! If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask me for advice.

I’m a little nervous. Can i bring a friend?

I would say yes, but this is not recommended. From past experience, having more people watching you could make you more nervous. If you are worried about safety, you can bring a friend. Your friend can’t stay with you in the same room when we shoot, but they can wait in another room. If you decide to do so, please talk to me at least two days in advance so I can arrange the space for your friend.

When are the photos ready? how do i receive them?

A few days after your session, you will receive an online gallery link by email (same email as what you used to book the session). Please select the photos you want to be edited directly through the gallery. After your selection, you will receive the edited photos within 30 days through the same gallery link.

will you post my boudoir photos on social media?

I fully respect your privacy and will not feature any of your photos online without your consent.

Have more questions? I’d be happy to answer them!